Oasis residence park

Welcome to our wonderful oasis of calm!

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Rent a static caravan from us!

A getaway weekend? Or a longer break? We have a place where you can get away from it all, with a choice of 3 different static caravans.

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Rent a pitch for your tent.

€25 /  night
€500 / week

Rent a pitch for your camper.

€50 / night
without electricity

€75 / week
with electricity


  • Location?

    The Oasis residence park is located within walking distance from the sea.

  • Rent a static caravan?

    Static caravans with 2 to 3 bedrooms are available for rent from Easter to the end of September.
    July and August rentals are  possible only on weekly basis.
    Off-season weekend rentals are possible from Friday to Sunday.

    All models new from 2021.

  • Rent a pitch?

    Tent for maximum 4 people = €30/night
    Mobile home / camper = €30/night
    Inclusive of electricity, water, and 1 car per site.

  • Our coronavirus measures

    The coronavirus measures are posted in the sanitary facilities and in the cafeteria.
    Land rules must be applied.

  • What about sanitary facilities?

    Shower tokens (€2/token) are available in the cafeteria.
    Washer and dryer tokens are also available in the cafeteria.

  • Can I bring pets?

    Pets are allowed in the Oasis holiday park
    (no dogs allowed in the cafeteria).
    Dog poo must be picked up!

  • Can I bring my car on the campsite?

    One car per caravan is allowed on the campsite.

    The second car can be parked along kalkaertstraat.

    Parking in front of the cafeteria is reserved for visitors of the Oasis cafeteria only.

  • What play facilities are available for children?

    There is a playground for children on the campsite.

    Up to 16 years of age authorised.

  • BBQ?

    A BBQ is allowed on the premises (no campfire).

  • Football pitch?

    There is a football pitch at the campsite.

  • Cafeteria / Food?

    There is a fully refurbished cafeteria at the campsite serving waffles, pancakes, ice creams, spaghetti, drinks, tapas dishes, snacks, etc.
    (No dogs allowed in the cafeteria)

  • Container park?

    A container park for rubbish is available.
    Badges are available in the cafeteria. (Deposit: €30).

  • Shopping?

    Oasis is located close to the shopping centre of Middelkerke and Ostend.


Rent your static caravan